August 2016

Dicas para aprender os Irregular Verbs

Hello there! Outro dia falamos da importância dos verbos e suas terminações em inglês, tanto os irregulares quanto os regulares. A questão é que saber todos os verbos irregulares e terminações como um nativo é bastante complicado – ainda mais… Continue Reading →

Tips to improve your scores

For our last post about smart tips to improve your TOEFL scores, we give you writing and speaking tips. Check them out! Improve and practice the conjugations of verbs, beginning with the simple present, simple past and present perfect –… Continue Reading →

Tips to improve your scores

We’re back with more tips for those who already took the TOEFL test once, and got disappointed with their scores! Pay attention to the following tips to help improve the efficiency of your studies and scores. Today we’re going to… Continue Reading →

Tips to improve your scores

You think your English is just fine, but couldn’t get a good score when you took the TOEFL exam? Then you should read these valueable tips because YOU’RE NOT ALONE! Many students face this outcome, even those with advanced level…. Continue Reading →

Um livro e Tanto!

“Pride and Prejudice” (em português, “Orgulho e Preconceito”) é um romance da escritora britânica Jane Austen. A novel, apesar de ter sido escrita em pleno século XIX, ainda se mantem firme e forte na cultura britânica/americana, como sendo um dos… Continue Reading →

“LyricsTraining” – A fun way to learn English!

Hey, Guys! I know Study can be hard for some people – including me! There must be attention, focus and patience. That’s why I want to share our new discover on the internet these days, for those who are interested… Continue Reading →

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