Here at EduSynch, students ask us all the time about what life is like in the USA, from growing up in a city like New York to attending large-scale universities like KU or UGA. We often converse with students about their own aspirations. That is, after all, exactly what we do here at EduSynch – give students the ability to make their dream of a better life come true, whether it’s getting a better job locally, getting a better job abroad, moving abroad to live, to study, etc.

Today, I wanted to recount a story today of one of our users who used the TOEFL® to showcase his English language proficiency and change his life in a very dramatic way.

Meet Nasir.

Nasir and friend

Born and raised in Kabul, Nasir started learning English at a very young age as he knew back then that he wanted to move to the USA and bring his family with him. He immersed himself in Americana – movies, music, radio, even using a tape recorder to record foreigners when he heard them in Kabul so that he could re-listen later. He attended university in Kabul, majoring in Economics, obsessing over his English in an effort to eventually take the TOEFL and get a job as a financial analyst in the USA. In his classes, Nasir became the go-to source for anyone who needed to write, read, translate, or get a better understanding in English. His inherent curiosity and passion for the language drove Nasir to procure advanced materials and he even began teaching the students in his class. His economics professor saw this and even started taking English classes from Nasir! This professor was so impressed by Nasir’s English that he put him in touch with a professor at the business school at Columbia University in New York. After taking his TOEFL® and scoring a 117/120 (yes, with the help of EduSynch) Nasir was able to attend business school at Columbia. He plans on getting a job on wall street after he’s finished and bringing his younger sister, mother, and father to live in the city with him.

Nasir credits his English with his success. His love for English opened doors that he never even thought possible.