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Getting Ready for Test Day – Things to Expect

Everyone gets nervous before a big test. As test day approaches, a feeling of uneasiness begins to set in. Questions like, “am I properly prepared for the exam?” or “do I have everything that I need (documentation, id, etc.) for… Continue Reading →

To study in the United States would be a dream come true!!

Studying abroad in the United States would be amazing, right?  But is it really POSSIBLE?? I’m here to tell you that anything is POSSIBLE, BUT it all depends on how bad you want it.  There are a million stories about… Continue Reading →

10 Simple Strategies to Learn Perfect English Pronunciation

  When learning English, what you see isn’t always what you hear. These recent years have been great. The world is always becoming more and more connected, so more and more people are learning new languages. English is one of the… Continue Reading →

How to Choose the Right College in the USA

If you’re planning to study in the USA, how do you choose your college? With every major American city having leading universities and colleges, picking the perfect institution can be very tough. When you look at finding the right university,… Continue Reading →

Transitional Words – So Important for Speaking and Writing Sections!!!

We came across this great tool created by and we wanted to share it with you!!! Transitional words are so important when answering a speaking or writing question.  They give the reader / evaluator a very clear understanding of your opinion… Continue Reading →

3 Myths About TECHNOLOGY in Education

The vast majority of people who are in the EduTech world have heard of these three myths. Some may even believe them. Today, I’m going to discuss these myths and “bust” them: Myth 1: Technology will replace teachers This is probably… Continue Reading →

Independent Essay Template

Paragraph 1 (Introduction) Sentence one:  A “hook.”  This is an interesting sentence that describes the topic of the essay without stating your main point.  Example:  “Children have an incredible number of interests, so there are many possible gifts to give… Continue Reading →

Integrated Essay Template

Paragraph One (Introduction): The reading and the lecture are both about ________, which is _________. The author of the reading believes that ______________________. The lecturer casts doubt on the claims made in the article. He/She thinks that _____________________. Paragraph Two… Continue Reading →

5 Secrets to Taking Good Notes for the TOEFL

Keep it simple. Don’t try to write everything down; you won’t have that much time during the test, or during a lecture when you’re in school. Write down key words and concepts, not sentences. Always try to focus on capturing… Continue Reading →

University Lectures with English Subtitles!!!! Practice your note-taking skills!!

MAKE SURE YOU CLICK CC in the bottom right corner if you are not seeing the English Subtitles   Great Example for Sociology 101 (no subtitles)

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